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Network Operations Centers (NOC)

Network Operations Centers (NOC)

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide 24x7 management and control of a network’s infrastructure environment. NOC technicians continually monitor network system performance and work to identify and resolve issues to ensure optimal and uninterrupted service.


• Designed for 24/7 Network Monitoring

With solutions from JEENOS, your NOC can monitor your telecom infrastructure 24/7 to ensure quality service. Our visualization and collaboration tools allow you to manage network parameters and access all required resources from one centralized location.

• Display Any Source On Any Screen

JEENOS' versatile visualization solutions enable network operations centers to display maps, social media information and alphanumeric data on any overview display or workspace screen. You can easily integrate video and data from different networks, ensuring a seamless control room experience.

• Maximize Uptime And Performance

JEENOS provides reliable visualization solutions for your Network Operations Center (NOC). Our control room solutions, including video wall displays and software, help your NOC ensure years of uptime and optimal network performance.

• Collaborate In And Out Of Your control room

JEENOS can help you to stay in control of your telecommunications infrastructure at any time. You can visualize your content with stunning accuracy from your centralized location, or share it with remote stakeholders. This way, you can collaborate to resolve performance issues much faster.
Network Operations Centers


1.System Visualization

Compared with traditional command systems, the JEENOS command central system realize visualization, and all subsystems are presented in the way of pictures, data, video, software interface; thus, the system is more intuitive and image.

2.Compatible With Third-Party Devices

The system can be seamlessly connected with third party devices or software, to achieve the overall scheduling and control.

3.Stable And Reliable

The system is stable and reliable because of adopting mature technologies, not infected with the virus; it has been successfully applied to a number of projects, with mature project experience.

4.Multiple System Centralized Control

JEENOS command center system solution adopts advanced design concepts and products with leading technologies, plus of intelligent centralized control system, conducts centralized control for various systems, including large screen display system (DLP large screen / LCD splitting /LED display screen etc), video processing system, voice dispatching system, command and control system, system of sound pickup and sound reinforcement, to achieve information mining, assistant decision making, communication and command, centralized control; thus, the operation is more simple and convenient.

5.Real time

Real-time data can be released via the real-time data interface or WEB information, to provide users with corresponding realtime dynamic information.

6.Decision-Making Support

Decision-making support collects information for HD display system: all kinds of information collected and arranged by the system, plus of analysis calculation results of various models are shown in the most simple and intuitive form according to the needs of the decision makers, to help decision makers quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, as well as help them better to make the right decisions.

7.Ultra High Definition Display

Appropriate designs can be made according to the project's real needs; the display system, mainly composing DID screen, DLP splicing screen, LED display screen with little space, the system can support mulple 1080P HD input sources and max input resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. Single channel max output resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. it also supports high resolution background map, up to 65535x65535 pixels.

8.User Privilege Management

User management supports various users, such as super administrator, user administrator and operator. Different users can be assigned different permissions for managing subsystem and equipment control configuration.

Network Operations Centers
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Network Operations Centers

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