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Multimedia Room

Multimedia Room

Audio and Video Solutions for Control Centers and Control Rooms

Command Room

Command Room Solutions

Refresh your command center and control room operations 24/7 customer support

Traffic Control Room

Traffic Control Solutions

Visualization System Enhances Situational Awareness Helps Teams Respond Faster.

Our Product

Video Wall controller

Responsible for receiving, processing, converting and outputting video signals

LCD Video Wall

Combine multiple LCD screens together to form a large-screen display solution

LED Video Wall

Bring shocking visual effects and wonderful stimulation to the audience
We focus on providing customers with advanced display controller technology in the industry


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“Jack Lane's Trusts Jeenos because it's reliable, cost effcient and easy to deploy.”
“Our control room project had a short lead time and needed an easy-to-deploy solution, and Jeenos' solution was a good fit for the project.”
"Being a large enterprise, we needed a partner who could really support us. When we started working with Jeenos I knew it was the right partnership.".
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